and now for something different

peace watch

Meditate twice daily with others of good will that wish for peace,
of course, this is in addition to keeping an eye on what is going on,
and continuing to advocate justice for all,
by any means necessary.

chemtrails in the mainstream media

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think think think

Interesting point for reflection….. commondense:  thecountofthree:  loveyourchaos:  safetynetsentwined:oxygen-thief: revolutionnow:(via marijuanaisgoodforyou)


tv is propaganda

insist on change!


your government speaks for you

The truthdig article here tells how massive robot “drone” attacks on innocent civilians endanger our safety by multiplying our enemies……..

save the right of blogs like this to exist!

Amen baby

Jim Kirwan, midnight caravan

august 10 writing by this artist, click here or on the image, enjoy!